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    Automated Windows DNS clean up

    shankm Lurker


      I have been working with the VMtocloud vRO DNS  (http://www.vmtocloud.com/how-to-integrate-windows-dns-with-vra-7-x-part-ii-delete-dns-record/) removal workflow using EBS and had this working for single machines being destroyed.  It is not working effectively when multiple machines are destroyed at the same time, say out of a batch of 3 only one DNS record will delete.

      After looking into it I have found this error; Error in (Workflow:Create temporary directory in guest / Scriptable task (item1)#8) The operation is not allowed in the current state. I have noticed on the one where it actually works, the workflow pauses for sometime at the improved sleep step and then moves on, however in the others they error a couple of seconds after being triggered.  It seems as though the temp directory isn't being passed into the workflow.  I'm actually quite new to all of this and would really like to know how to make this better, has anyone here used this workflow before and had this issue?

      I am sure I am missing some critical information in this post, I have attached the worflow run logs as well as the run script in guest logs.