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    How can my vSAN handle a 1 -node failure when I am using more than 50% of my combined storage?

    drheim Enthusiast

      I have a 2 node vSAN on 6.5 vcenter/hosts.  Each node has a 300GB disk(cache) and 1.6TB disk(storage).  My vSAN capacity shows  as 3.3TB of storage.  That alone scares me because I that means that the data is not mirrored and either a host failure, or drive failure, would cause problems with HA.  Why is VMWare showing all of that capacity and no alarms when I am over 50% of storage used?  Is it because my disks are thin provisioned and possibly my disk usage lower than what vSAN is showing?  I am sure this is simple, but what am I missing here.  I did have a problem last year with admission control not starting up VMs after a failure when it needed to and could have, so that is turned off.  Is that the issue?