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    [issue] Supermetric - count the attribute:  diskspace|snapshot|snapshotAge result = 0

    produban Novice

      Hello everyone

           I have an issue / problem with this supermetric creation.

      At first I have created a view filtering the VMs name which snapshot is over 100 days, it works perfectly

      snapshot over 100 days - view works.png

      But, when I work on supermetric trying to count, on vCenter level, the number of VMs which snapshot is over 100 days,it shows 0 . I have other supermetrics with same structure and they are working.

      count(${adaptertype=VMWARE, objecttype=VirtualMachine, attribute=diskspace|snapshot|snapshotAge, depth=5, where = "diskspace|snapshot|snapshotAge>=100"})

      supermetric doesnt works.png

      Someone knows where is the issue or mistake? It should shows at least 3 vms as you can see on the first image.