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    vRA - Redirect to tenant login page be default.

    pedjono Novice

      Hi there,

      I am looking for the best solution to have "End-Users" hit the tenant login page be default when going to the vRA portal.

      First some context:

      We have a single vRA appliance, we have a single tenant, with multiple Business Groups.

      Currently users have to go to https://longservername.longfqdn/vcac/org/tenant/  to hit the login page.
      I have a cname being created to use as a short URL, but this by itself will still only hit the server, default vRealize Automation Appliance page, so users will have to add /vcac/org/tenant on the end...

      I have googled a lot and read a lot of documentation, this is why now I'm asking...

      While we could use a Load Balancer or F5 or proxy in front to do the redirect this is extra overhead which seems un-needed for a single appliance.

      I have found the blogs and various other pages saying you can edit the file on the appliance itself. like this one : Will on IT: vRA Redirect To Login  while this works I also understand its not best practice to edit files on the appliance.

      Is this what im after? Set the vRealize Automation Login URL to a Custom Name  it doesnt quite seem like it will do the redirect part.


      Is there any official vmware support way of doing this?


      Thanks Jonathan.