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    Dynamic Menu Help

    eaphilipp Enthusiast

      I am trying to build a script that populates a menu using a get command. I have everything working up until the part where when I make my menu selection, I need that menu item to be used in the next command. In this script I am getting VM tag names using:


      Get-TagCategory -Name BackUps | Get-Tag | select name | Out-File C:\VMWare-TXTfiles\VeeamTags.txt -force


      I then get the content of the file and populate the menu:


      $v = get-content 'C:\VMWare-TXTfiles\VeeamTags.txt' | select-object -skip 3

      $list = @($v)


      # Create blank array to hold menu

      $formattedList = @()



      # Even Odd Columns

      for($i=0;$i -lt $list.Count; $i+=2) {

          # Check if even exists

          if ($list[$i+1] -ne $null) {

              $formattedList += [PSCustomObject]@{

                  Odd = "$($i+1). $($list[$i])";

                  Even = "$($i+2). $($list[$i+1])"



          else {

              $formattedList += [PSCustomObject]@{

                  Odd = "$($i+1). $($list[$i])";

                  Even = ""






      # Output menu

      $formattedList | Format-Table -HideTableHeaders



      So the menu looks like this, it is 86 items in total but you get the point:


      1. MGMT-0330          2. STRETCHWLD01-1000

      3. CLU01-2330         4. STRETCHWLD01-1530



      And I get prompted to choose a tag, When I choose one of the tags. I need it to populate the command: get-vm -tag ""



      So if I choose 1 it would do the following: get-vm -tag MGMT-0330

      I have this as my next line.



      Switch ($input){

      '1' {get-vm -tag <tag name from menu>}



      I am guessing I need to some how change that 1 to a variable and whats inside the tag name from menu to something? Anyone ever done and thing like this? Thanks for the help...

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          LucD Guru
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          I'm not sure why write/read via that file?
          And I don't think you need a switch-block.
          Try something like this


          $v = Get-TagCategory -Name Backups | Get-Tag

          $menu = for ($i = 0; $i -lt $v.Count; $i += 2)


             $obj = [ordered]@{

             Odd = "$($i+1). $($v[$i].Name)"


             if ($v[$i + 1])


             $obj.Add('Even', "$($i+2). $($v[$i+1].Name)")


             New-Object PSObject -Property $obj


          $menu | Format-Table -HideTableHeaders

          $choice = Read-Host -Prompt "Select tag (1..$($v.Count))"

          Get-VM -Tag $v[$choice - 1].Name

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            eaphilipp Enthusiast

            AWESOME! Yes thank you this works great. I tried to do it my way because I wasn't sure of the right way! Thanks very much for the help.