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    VCSA 6.7 U2 - New Backup Over SMB

    TrophyWife Novice

      Cool backup vCenter to SMB share now in 6.7 U2!


      I can't get it to work! Not sure what I am missing.


      The helpful 'example' in the path shows:



      Share I want to backup to is a Windows 2012 R2 share.


      Port? I thought it would be 445.


      My example:



      I enter my domain account that has full control on share and NTFS.


      I get a "SMB location is invalid" error.


      Where am I going wrong? VMware doc doesn't give examples.



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          petermie Novice

          I would try without the port, in every other system i've used I only had to specify the port if it wasn't the default. I would also try a non-hidden share in case it has an issue with that or the $ in the name

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            TrophyWife Novice

            Thank you for the tips, but I was not successful.


            I dumped the hidden share and just went by IP to avoid DNS. Tried backup location format:




            I get "SMB location is invalid".


            To keep it simple for now, I set the "Everyone" group on the share to Full Control. My account is local Admin on the server, so NTFS for my account is confirmed to have Full Control also. I confirmed the share is accessible from another Windows machine.


            The example in the field has "/folder/subfolder". So I made a subfolder:




            Same error.


            I have also tried the domain account formats domain\account and account@domain.com.


            Interestingly, I did another search online for this issue. This thread is the top 6 posts on Google. Nice.

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              mgittelman Lurker

              I ran into the same thing.  It seems that the SMB functionality is only compatible with SMB1.  Try setting your destination to accept SMB1.


              I'm personally sticking to FTP until this get's fixed as I'd rather not enable legacy SMB on my NAS for security reasons.

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                TrophyWife Novice

                Thanks for that update.


                Yeah, no way am I enabling SMB1.


                Oh well. Hopefully they get it "fixed" with a less vulnerable version of the protocol.

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                  Raj1988 Enthusiast


                  Do not specify domain. Just type the account and password.


                  Also make sure SMB1 is enabled. VMware is working on a fix to make it work with SMB2.