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    Datastore /File Access Issue

    Super6VCA Hot Shot

      We are running Horizon 7.4 with Linked clones and all desktops have a persistent disk attached.  I am in need on one of those persistent disks and can't seem to get it.  When i try to view it thru the web client it just spins and spins then come back with a error that it waited too long (120 seconds).  I can go thru the CLI and see the file just fine but can not see them thru the gui.  Tried the regular web client and the HTML5 client with no luck.  I also tried to Import the persistent disk thru the view admin console and i can see every file but the one i need.  Any one have a clue what might be going on?  Sure would be nice to have that users disk back with info on it.  any help is appreciated.  Thanks