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    NTP and MD5 Hash Authorization issue - VCSA 6.7

    dauphin77 Enthusiast

      Hello All-


      I'm running into an issue where I receive "NTP server is unreachable" under my Time / Time Synchronization settings in VMware Appliance Management.


      I have received an MD5 hash key from my network team and wonder if it's possible to configure vCSA NTP for authorization using MD5 hash? If so, where can this be done and how? I have tried the steps listed in the two links below via the shell but still cannot get vCSA to reach our NTP server. I can ping the NTP server with no problem from the shell.




      How To Configure Authenticated NTP Using Symmetric Keys (compatibility with FIPS 140-2) - Red Hat Customer Portal


      Additionally, I did apply security/patch updates to my vSphere environment last week and wondering if that may be part of my problem. I'm currently at Version, Build 13010631.


      Any guidance would be appreciated.