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    Additional network backup

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      Good day. There is for example a network virtual machines work on it. There are SFP + cards in the servers that are interconnected by a separate switch with ip, which does not have access to the network.

      The question is how to configure backups to run through SFP + data?

      Veritas and VEEM see only Vcenter 6.7 over the network On the virtual machine where Veritas is installed, a network interface with SFP + has been added. As I understand it is impossible to add a second network interface to Vcentr

      I don’t want to drag backups over the work network, especially when there are 10 GB ports. Who as implemented?

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          You're going to have to explain your network topology a little bit better because there are many gaps here.


          How many hosts do you have?

          What backup products are you using? You mentioned veritas and veeam, but what does that mean?

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            Good day!

            3 host and used. All virtual machines are hosted on the server. All hosts are connected to the SAS repository. This storage contains disks of the virtual machine that hosts Veritas Backup. Colleagues suggested that you need to use HotAdd, so as not to load the network. But when backing up, get out the error VixDiskLib_Open ()