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    static LACP result for standard VSS portid load balance and active-standby nics.

    BruceHB Novice

      I have an ESXi 6.7 host and it has one active nic and one standby nic in VSS, load-balance is portid.

      and I create a port-channel with these two nic members in Switch for testing static LACP.


      In this scenario, I ping the testbed from some other hosts. However, some hosts cannot ping it and some hosts can ping it. Even they are all in same L2 environment.

      If I shutdown one port on switch, the issue is gone.


      I think the load-balance configuration both on switch and hosts should be the root cause.


      Is it possible to keep the two ports port-channel on switch  and make the host  online?

      Need Experts' help explain its workflow.



      Thanks in advance