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    Custom Specification not being applied to VM created from template

    bakerjw1 Lurker

      I have an ESXi V6.7.0 updated with the latest patches as of 20190516

      (Updated) ESXi-6.7.0-8169922-standard


      I have a Windows 10 VM that is not a member of a domain and is loaded with desired applications and configurations.

      VMWare tools has been installed and updated according to Update Manager.

      I converted this "base" VM to a template to use for deploying additional unique VMs into our domain.

      As part of creating a new VM from the template, I also created a customized specification.

      • Generation of a new SID.
      • Set DNS information.
      • Rename the computer.
      • Join a domain.

      The new VM was created; however, the custom specification was not applied. With the VM powered down, I was able to go to Guest OS | Customize Guest OS.

      The only thing that I did not select was "Log in automatically as administrator."


      Does the image need to be Syspreped prior to creating the template?

      There were a couple of snapshots associated with the VM prior to making it into a template.


      This process seems pretty straightforward but I am missing something.

      Any guidance is appreciated.