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    vSAN with mixed Size HDD

    munnavai Lurker



      I am going to configure a 3 node vSAN, on each Server i have

      4 x 600GB SAS HDD
      2 x 1.2TB SAS HDD
      2 x 480GB SATA SSD
      I am going to create 2 diskgroup, 1st one 4x600GB with 1 SSD and 2nd one is 2x1.2TB HDD with another SSD as cache,
      mixing different size HDD would create any Problem here ? or what best way i can configure this ? please help me on this.



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          Hello munnavai,



          While it is recommended to have a homogenous configuration throughout, it is supported to mix Disk-Group configuration and disk sizes.

          In your case here, the Disk-Groups and capacity per node are all the same size so it's not a  lop-sided configuration. What you should consider though is that Disk-Groups with 4x600 will likely have higher throughput than the 2x1200 Disk-Groups but they may not benefit from this as they will end up waiting on the slower Disk-Group. You couldc configure it 2x600+1x1200 per Disk-Group so that each Disk-Group has equal capabilities and configuration.




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            Please refer the another community discussion for your queries.


            Mixing different size Disk groups on same host

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