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    Visualizing and monitoring underlay network

    SaravanakumarRajan Lurker

      Hi Gyus,


      Is it possible to visualize and monitor underlay networks?

      If it is can you help me the procedure to do so.

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          Sreec Master
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          Yes, you can leverage VRNI for the same -> https://www.vmware.com/content/dam/digitalmarketing/vmware/en/pdf/products/vrealize/vmw-vrni-solution-brief.pdf


          Use Cases:

          • Micro-segmentation Planning, Deployment and Compliance

          – Plan and measure security impact with micro-segmentation

          – Accelerate microsegmentation deployment with firewall rules


          – Continuously monitor and audit compliance postures over time

          • 360 Network Visibility and Troubleshooting

          – Quickly troubleshoot connectivity issues between VMs through powerful

          path visualization

          – Effectively manage events, alerts and problems to rapidly solve issues

          – Unify troubleshooting experience across the virtual and physical infrastructure

          • Manage and Scale NSX Deployments

          – Scale across multiple NSX Managers with powerful visualizations for topology

          and health

          – Avoid configuration issues through an in-product best practices checklist

          – Pinpoint and triage issues for quick resolution with intuitive UI and natural

          language search

          • Manage Security for Public Clouds

          – Extend micro-segmentation planning to AWS constructs

          – Analyze traffic flows in AWS for visibility into AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

          – Troubleshoot firewall issues between VMs in AWS


          Or configure netflow @ DVS level with a supported destination collector which will help you achieve what you want ( Harder way and feature less path)

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