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    Horizon win7 upgrade win10 problem

    majuntax Lurker

      I uploaded the WIN10 ISO image to the template machine corresponding to the desktop pool, double-clicked setup.exe and then directly upgraded to win10. The user profile in the virtual desktop has been redirected to the permanent disk, and the win7 system of the desktop pool is updated to win10 by refactoring. After upgrading the virtual desktop, as long as the login and function of other users are normal, using the original account will not work. This means that the system itself is upgraded is no problem, but the original account profile file is redirected to permanent or other non-C drive after the win7 system is generated, so the refactoring upgrade just upgrades the system, the original user's Profile file has not been updated

           After other users log in, it shows normal because of the upgraded win10. Other users are logging in for the first time, so the user profile is generated on win10 and then redirected.

           The desktop function is abnormal: click the "win" icon in the lower left corner and the search box in the taskbar has nothing to react to.