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    One Disk (VMDK) slow performance in Windows Server 2016 VM

    Stelli1989 Lurker

      Hi @ all,


      I got a performance Issue on a Server 2016 VM on an ESX 6.7


      There are 2 Disks configured. 1st with 70GB for the System - the 2nd with 3TB for Files.


      If I copy files inside the VM to the C:\ Drive (70GB), I have copy speeds around 110MB/s (More is not possible because of the Network)

      But if i copy files to the D:\ Drive (3TB), I only get 2-8MB/s.


      Both disks are on the same datastore and configured the same way (same SCSI controller, Thick-Lazy etc.)



      The 3 TB VMDK was copied via VMWare Converter from another ESX 6.7 (Server 2008R2 VM) to this host and just mounted to this Server 2016 VM, so that all NTFS Permissions are still available.


      I don't know why the performance on this copied disk is so bad. On the old VM it works perfectly.


      Please help.


      Thank you