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    NSX-T 2.3.1 REST Create a Section with Rules issue with operation insert_before or insert_after

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      I'm trying to REST the creation of a section with rules using the following call: POST https://nsxmanager.your.domain/api/v1/firewall/sections?action=create_with_rules?id={{id}}&operation=insert_before


      the thing is that I have an error if I use the operation insert_before or insert_after with the anchor section ID specified.



          "httpStatus": "BAD_REQUEST",

          "error_code": 287,

          "module_name": "common-services",

          "error_message": "Json de-serialization error: property rules is unrecognized."



      but if I use the operation insert_top or insert_bottom, it works fine.


      any clue?


      many thanks