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    Transferring a VM from One Host to Another on Totally Separate Networks

    cliffhammock Lurker

      I feel like I have a fairly straightforward use case, but can't get the confirmation I need to move forward with a project. I have a client that has a website running on a VMware virtual machine. They want me to take a copy of the VM, in some format, to another totally separate location that is not connected in any way and setup a disaster recovery site with a copy of the VM. It will be a warm site and not mirror the production site. In the event that the primary site goes down, I can get a last known good backup copy of the VM from the client and place it on the host at the disaster recovery site and start up production there. If I can't get a copy of a good VM, I could get a copy of the database that contains the latest data.


      I have read numerous articles where people describe using the Export to Open Virtual Machine Format (OVF) to create a file(s) that can be transported to another location and then deployed on the new host. I am trying to get clarification on whether or not I can do this if the machines are not connected in any way. Here is one of the articles I read.




      Export vCenter Server as an Open Virtual Machine Format (OVF):

      Connect the vSphere Client to the ESXi/ESX host running the vCenter Server virtual machine.

      Power off the vCenter Server virtual machine.

      Click File > Export > Export OVF Template.

      Connect the vSphere Client directly to the destination ESXi/ESX host.

      Click File - Deploy OVF Template.

      Power on the vCenter Server virtual machine.


      Here is another. But neither specify whether or not the two hosts have to be on a connected network.




      If this is possible will I only need to get vSphere Essentials (NOT PLUS) and setup the ESXi on the new host? Thanks in advance.