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    vMotion: Basic (unicast) connectivity check in VSAN 6.7 U1

    ManivelR Enthusiast

      Hi Guys,


      Im seeing this message failed/warning in VSAN 6.7 U1 monitoring tab "vMotion: Basic (unicast) connectivity check"



      I verified with command line.There is no issues in vmotion traffic.When i try to ping explicitly using vmk1(from the reported ESXi to another ESXi & vice versa),it is pinging fine.


      When i "retest" in monitoring tab,immediately i get the test results as "PASSED".


      I have 2 VSAN environment and both the VSAN environment connected to same switches(esxi mgmt/vmotion),however im seeing this message in only one VSAN environment.


      Is this known bug in VSAN 6,7 U1? I see this below article which is related to VSAN 6.6,6.6.1 Cluster..


      VMware Knowledge Base


      As a workaround,can we silence this alert either from RVC/HTML interface.


      Any suggestions?


      Thank you,

      Manivel RR