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    Server replication snapshot deletion shutting down my servers

    gbentz Novice

      So we have 3 hosts

      6.7 U2

      6.7 U2

      6.5 U2



      One of the 6.7 servers is brand new and much newer than the other two.  It also has about 4 tb of free storage, the others have around 1tb left depending on the datastore.  We have been using veeam for about 4 years now without any major issues.  Well since we setup this new server at first we had our SQL server shut itself down during a veeam replication due to it failing to consolidate the snapshot in a given amount of time.  I thought it was a fluke so I set the D drive which holds all the db's to independent persistent and excluded it for now via veeam.  Then the next day the linux centos server had the same redo log error.  Now my exchange server just did the exact same thing which has been using veeam since day one.  It's now on this new server so I know it's narrowed down to this host but every setting is the same across the board.  They both use the same repos during the replication jobs, on the same switch and so forth. This is the error that happened a bit ago


      At this point I am stuck on what in the world is causing this to happen to this host only


      An application (/bin/vmx) running on ESXi host has crashed (8 time(s) so far). A core file might have been created at

      The redo log of 'ourserver-000001.vmdk' is corrupted. If the problem persists, discard the redo log.

      serrver is powered off etc