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    SRM Login To Remote Site Problem

    jziras Lurker



      We are suddenly facing the following issue on an SRM installation.

      A domain user has been created on the production site (let's call him srmadmin) so that we can use it to login to production vcenter from DR vcenter.

      The usual way to perform configuration changes has been the following:

      Connect to DR vSphere web client, go to Site recovery manager sites, login to Production site using srmadmin user and perform any configuration changes.

      Recently this login process has strated to fail with the following error:



      Direct login to Production vCenter using the same user is successful.

      Connecting first to Production vCenter and then login from Site Recovery Manager to DR vCenter (using the relevant user created on DR) is successful.


      The message seems to point to a time synchronization issue but we have already confirmed that there are no time problems.


      Any help will be appreciated.