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      The YASA freight carrier in Tehran, like the one in Iran, shines in transit, because of the YASA load only depends on the level of the quality of the Yasaka Bearing Snap.

      New cargo trucks and trucks on the Yasaw airport in Tehran. Special transportation of home-made furniture with a specialist unit for packaging and moving home appliances at prices equal to the Union rate, including special discounts. The pleasure of a comfortable and unobtrusive towing at a rate It brings cheap times to you.



      Snap load

      Snap Bar Yasa

      The use of the Internet and other virtual means of communication makes it possible for Snap to load the Yasa in the shortest time with the application of your phones.

      With the help of the Yasaka Ferry Terminal or Yacht Bus, you can find out all our services and rates at our site and contact us in the shortest possible time. The Yassa Snap Bar in Tehran is one of the fastest virtual transportation services in Tehran.



      Carriage of goods and home furnishings in Tehran and the city

      It is our most important duty to be safe and reluctant to reach the destination, including home furnishings.

      With specialist and trained personnel, and most importantly, you will have the task of moving, packing your home appliances, stuffing and furnishing your Yasaka shuttle to easily move your home appliances.