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    'vmkfstools --inflatedisk' command has no effect

    brunomdmd Lurker

      Hi All,


      I have a disk (vmdk) like "Thick Provision Lazy", and I need to change it to "Thick Provision Eager", well, I ran the command 'vmkfstools --inflatedisk PANVFSP380A_3.vmdk', didn't give any error, gave as' 100% done 'but on VMware's properties, it still remains as Thick Lazy. Is there a procedure after the vmkfstools --inflatedisk command needs to be done to confirm the change?


      Return of the command:

      "[root@VSPHERESERVER:/vmfs/volumes/5bce4edd-e282a332-2220-6cc2173fc0d0/PANVFSP380A_1] vmkfstools --eagerzero PANVFSP380A_3.vmdk

      Eagerly zeroing: 100% done."





      Bruno Damasceno