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    Patch Order

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      Hi All,


      I inherited an eSXI host that has not been updated since 2017. When I ran an update check via update manager, I see several patches needed - see below. I am not sure how to apply these? What order or if the system will know what ones supercede the others? Thanks.


      Complete Update 2 - ESXi650-Update02

      VMware eSXI 6.5 Patch Release - ESXi650-201810001

      VMware eSXI 6.5 Patch Release - ESXi650-201810002

      Updates - ESXI650-201810401-BG

      Updates - ESXI650-201810402-BG

      VMware eSXI 6.5 Patch Release - ESXi650--20181102

      Updates - ESXI650 - 201811101-SG

      Updates - ESXI650 -  201811401-BG

      Updates - ESXI650 -  201811404-BG

      VMware eSXI 6.5 Patch Release - ESXi650-201903001

      Updates - ESXI650 -  2019030401-SG

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          How to update/patch the host not only depends on the missing patches, but also on whether it has been installed using a hardware vendor customized ESXi image. In such a case you may also need to update the venor's drivers and tools. You may also consider to update the hosts' firmware to have your hosts in a supported state.

          Last but not least, think about updating vCenter Server, and any related applications (e.g. backup), so that everything continues to works together after the update.



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            jburen Hot Shot

            When you apply updates to a host it will automatically select the updates that are needed. And will also apply them in the correct order. So you only need to start the update and wait...