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    Cloud Assembly and NSX-T Network Profiles

    RadoslawDabrowski Lurker

      I have played a little bit with CAS and networks with NSX-T.

      I'm creating VM based on Network Profile which im preparing. Under Infrastructure -> Network Profiles im preparing my network profile with Network Policies:

      To mention is that im selecting On-Demand Network option.

      In the background (under NSX-T) i got Transport Zone, Edge Cluster created as well as T0 Logical Router inside this Edge Cluster.

      CAS is properly discovering my items.

      As a resoult of my Blueprint I'm deploying VM with proper network created automatically with proper IP address scheme, but i cannot understand why we are having this T0 Logical Router definition here.

      It's not creating any interface on T0 Logical router, its not creating T1 Logical Router connected to this T0 router (as it is with PKS), it's not putting any static or dynamic route about this network. In addition this Logical Switch which i have created by this Blueprint is just levitating from one side connected to the VM, and from second side to the DHCP... Any ideas if its an normal behaviour? How can i automate creation of the network connected to something (T1)? I can create it by hand and connect it to T1 by hand and under Network profile just reffer to this network, but i cannot understand why im here specifying T0 Logical Router if its not doing anything with this router.


      Thanks in advance for replies.

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          Hey RadoslawDabrowski - sorry I didn't see this sooner. Notifications had issues


          Are you doing this as part of an actual blueprint or are you creating a network to add to a network profile after the fact (provider infrastructure as code usecase). In the latter, it should be creating a Tier-1 router that links up to a Tier-0

          Those settings are there for if you have multiple Tier-0 routers, and you want to specify the one to use for a given network profile. If you only have 1 Tier-0, it's "implied" within the profile as that being the one to use.


          Can you share your blueprint that you're using here? I can confirm a few things in my environment.