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    Horizon 7.8 How many Windows 10 1809 LTSC CPUs?

    HainesFGL Lurker

      We're in the process of migrating our VDI enviroment from Windows 7 to Windows 10.  Our current config is 2 sockets x 1 core = 2 CPU total and 8 GB of RAM.  We currently only have about 20 people testing.  Of those there are a small handful of people complaining about slow performance.  Mostly when using Webex and IE.  I myself am in the same test group, using the same config and I haven't encountered this issue.  I'm skeptical that adding more CPU is the answer.


      I realize that there is not a "One size fits all" configuration. 


      I would love to hear from folks going through this and what your recommendations are. 


      Thank you!