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    Converter standalone fails P2V Linux server 5.7

    3dsachin Novice

      Hi Guys,


      I am trying to virtualize Linux server, details below


      Physical Linux Server: HP DL360G7
      OS: RHEL release 5.7 (Tikanga)

      IP Address:


      It's been migrated to virtual environment, details below


      vCenter server:

      vCenter standalone server:


      Firewall rules allow to connect to port 22 on

      I started the P2V process and it did started creating VM on virtual infrastructure. However, the progress kept sitting on 1%

      By logging on the web interface of the virtual machine that shows on target vcenter server, it looks like;


      Based on going through different forums, I configured the static IPv4 address to be on 10.88.0.* network. The physical server was able to communicate with the IP address assigned to this temp machine.

      However with more than an hour in this process, it still shows progress as 1%.


      Any ideas of what could be missing here or is this normal behaviour??