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    vROPS configuration for workload placement in vRA

    Noemie Novice

      Hello All,


      Does anybody try to make vROPS configuration for workload placement with vRA ?

      I'm trying to configure  it  but without sucess for now.


      What i did :


      - vROPS endpoint inside vRA ( collection is ok  and metric providers also)

      - Select vROPS inside vRA placement policy

      - add vRA adapter inside vROPS ( collection is ok )

      - create a custom group ( to have a list of all esx inside one particular cluster ( Cluster_Lab) )

      - create a policy



      when i try to deploy a blueprint ( previously created, few month ago )  from vRA it doesn't go inside the specify cluster previously set.

      Do i miss something to make it works ?


      I followed those vmware documentations :


      Configure vRealize Operations Manager for Workload Placement in vRealize Automation


      Configure vRealize Automation for Workload Placement



      Info : vRA and vROPS are  in 7.5 version