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    VDI desktop doesn't see smart cards

    stev379 Novice

      How can I get our VDI desktops to see our smartcards once we're logged on to the VDI desktop?


      We can authenticate to View with a smartcard and then we receive the available desktops. Click a desktop to open and we're prompted for username and password. Authenticate with that and the desktop opens without issue. At that point and from there forward, the VDI's don't see the smartcards. Thanks for any help or advice.


      We connect over HTML. Most connect from Windows, but I'm testing from Mac and Windows. I've read the articles below and attempted the steps, but no luck. It seems the articles suggest editing the registry on the physical machines we're connecting from. Which means editing the registry on a number of machines that may or may not be connected to our network since most are laptops. Not to mention we're setup also to connect to VDI without the VPN from our user's home computers that are not part of our domain and not managed by us. The agent is installed on the VDI base with USB and Smartcard redirection enabled.



      Configuring USB device filters and redirecting Human Interface Devices (HIDs) in View Client (1011600)

      Troubleshooting USB redirection problems in VMware View Manager (1026991)

      Troubleshooting Smartcard Reader redirection issues in VMware View Manager and Horizon View (2015494)


      Thanks for any help or advice.