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    VSAN benchmark testing and CASSANDRA DB(VCD integration)

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      VSAN benchmark testing:- Im using 6.7 U1.From 6.7 U1,HCI Bench tool can only be used(for example to find out the IOPS)? There is no native tool available as we used  in VSAN 6.6(RVC-Low stress testing -Example)?




      Right now,some of the VMs are in production.Can we run this HCI Bench tool to find out the IOPS right?


      My VCD setup:- 2 VCDs cells are in cluster and 2 VCD DBs(postgress) are in cluster.

      Cassandra DB--->We deployed 2 VMs.IP address is &

      Each VM is acting as a standalone

      In 1st VM Yaml file-->Seeds-->VM1 IP & VM2 IP.

      In 2nd VM Yaml file-->Seeds-->VM2 IP & VM1 IP.

      From VCD,we have pointed both the nodes listed below


      #opt/vmware/vcloud-director/bin/cell-management-tool cassandra –configure –create-schema –cluster-nodes, –username cassandra –password cassandra –port 9042 –ttl 15


      If any one VM goes down(assume VM 1 is down),it will serve the VCD VM historical/current performance statistics(metrics) from current running node(VM2)? Where the performance metrics will be stored?(example:- When we add additional metrics in to Cassandra DB from VCD cell).Do we have any GUI facility to access the Cassandra DB?


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