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    App Volumes Provisioning, Assigning, and Attaching fine yet "Access is Denied" when trying to access app

    vmmonkey Hot Shot

      No issues in provisioning, assigning or attaching a handful of apps. Not ever any errors received yet when trying to access directories for simple apps such as Program Files\WinZip, I get an access is denied error. Already checked GPOs here and all is set to "Not Configured" - VMware Knowledge Base


      I've tried recreated the appstacks several times, recreating instant clone pools etc and all of my app stacks result in the same "access is denied" error when trying to access the content on the actual desktop.


      Further details:


      • Windows 10 x64 1709 desktops and provisioning machine (local admin on provisioning machine)
      • App Volumes v2.16
      • UEM with just default profile and quick start settings
      • All removable storage deny settings disabled
      • No other errors or issues
      • I did just notice "invalid Active Directory Credentials" in the App Volumes system messages log but it only happens every few hours


      UPDATE: I checked and I have zero permissions for the app directory after attached to the instant clone. So, program files\FileZilla, I set as everyone full control after installing on provisioning machine just for a temporary test. When I attach to the instant clone, the directory shows up but I don't even have read access to get into that directory.