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    Starting a VM in VMware Workstation via PowerShell Skript

    f0ssile Lurker

      Since we are trying to automate our monthly server maintenance i am struggeling with the following problem:


      I can't figure out how to run a script which should boot up our VMs on our remotehosts,


      My script should run like this:

      Currently i am stuck with the following .cmds



      call \\remotehost\drive$\path-to-cmd\bootvms.cmd


      the "bootvms.cmd" on Server2 looks like this:


      vmrun.exe -t ws start "Drive:\path-to-vmx-file\xx.vmx"


      Our Hosts are running with VMware Workstation 12 & 14 with Windows Server 2008R2 & 2012R2.


      Does anyone have a Solution for this, maybe by using PowerShell, PSEXEC or any other ideas?


      I hope someone has done some experience with this.



      I am grateful for your help.