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    No Network Adapter detected

    teyu Lurker


      I tried to install The VMWare ESXi 6.7U2 using Virtualbox and on a bare metal hard drive. Both the time I received the same message.

      I am new to VMWare ESXi and I want to prepare for the certification/examination.

      Please guide me through it. I have also applied for 60 days trial version of the ESXi and downloaded the same.


      I need the support as soon as possible so that I can take the benefit of 60 days trial and can utilize the system in a very well manner.


      I have also seen the other posts in the knowledge base but I could hardly understand it.


      Please specify the easy steps.


      the output for the command

      lspci -v | grep "Class 0200" -B 1 is


      Network Controller Ethernet Controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc [AMD] PCFast 79C971

                          Class 0200: 1022:2000

      Thanks a lot in advance for helping