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    SRM with RPA Storage Replication - question about datastores

    DeMichel93 Lurker

      Got a question about SRM with RPA Storage Replication regarding datastores on both sites. We got Datastores Axxx at PDC and Bxxx at DRC. LUNs Axxx are replicated to their respective counterparts at DRC, Bxxx e.g. A001 is replicated by RPA to LUN B001. Both were visible/attached and mapped at their respective sites but when I used SRM with either Test or Run the datastores at DRC got unmapped and remapped with names of PDC datastores (Axxx) and after using either Cleanup or Reprotect those datastore are Unmapped and not mapped back with correct names (Bxxx).


      Is there a possibility to get those settings into SRM? I'd like to have those datastores mapped at all times. I already changed the setting responsible for "fixing" names of datastore, they are not mapped as snap.... anymore.


      SRM v 8.1.2 on Windows Server 2016.