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    Skyline MP for vROps

    Domesenn Novice

      Hi Guys,


      I would install in vROps the Skyline management pack but my vROps environment do not have direct internet access, this is a problem? I can set a proxy server in vROps?

      Thanks a lot.



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          Debashish_Rath Hot Shot
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          Hi Domesenn,


          Hope you are doing good!


          You need internet access or you can go ahead and setup proxy in vROPS to address the issue.

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            Domesenn Novice

            Hi Debashish,


            Happy to hear you again! ;-)

            Thanks for your reply! Can you give me the best way to setup a proxy on my vROps environment?



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              Hi Domesenn,



              Proxy servers that require authentication are not supported.

              Please take a Snapshot of the vROPS Appliance before making any changes. 



              Verify that you have the proxy server information.




              Log in to the vROPS appliance as the root user.

              Enter YaST on the command line to run the YaST utility.

              Select Network Services in the left pane, then select Proxy.

              Enter the proxy server URLs in the HTTP Proxy URL and HTTPS Proxy URL fields and the port number 3128.

              Select Finish and exit the YaST utility.

              Restart the Tomcat server on the connector virtual appliance to use the new proxy settings.

              Please reboot the vROPS Appliance.




              Marking this question as correct answer due to inactivity. Please respond to this thread if the issue persists.