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    esxi upgrade

    mario_981 Novice

      Hi Everyone ,


      We are going to upgrade few of our hosts from 5.1 and 5.5 in steps to 6.5.

      We have recently created a new vCenter 6.5 to support the upgraded hosts.

      I know we could add 5.5 hosts to 6.5 vCenter, my question is can we upgrade the 5.5 host to 6.5 using 6.5 VCenter Update Manager ? ( or ) I have to manually do using ISO.

      Are there any limitations between vCenter Update manager version and esxi upgrade version , please let me know the matrice or link behind it.



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          As long as host verions are supported in vCenter Server, you can upgrade them to the same version as vCenter Server (i.e. 6.5 in your case) using Update Manager.

          I assume that you've already made sure that the your hardware supports the new ESXi version.