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    CBT for VMs running on NFS

    kwg66 Enthusiast

      Hey now!    With HCI coming at everyone now over the past few years, we are finally ready to adopt and have selected a solution.   However, along with this transition to HCI comes a transition from VMFS to NFS.    I know that CBT is supported for VMs running on NFS, and this is confirmed in https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/1020128.  


      HOWEVER - I see a tibbit in the VMware KB above that states the following:


      "For CBT to identify disk sectors in use with the special "*" change ID, these items are required:

      • The virtual disk must be located on a VMFS volume, backed by SAN, iSCSI, or local disk."


      I do not know what the impact of this is and I would like someone with a deeper understanding of this statement to provide some clarity.   


      CBT is supported on NFS, but not the ability to identify disk sectors in use with a special character (*) change ID?    


      What am I losing here?


      Thanks in advance