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    NIC DirectPath I/O is not work on VIO5.1 with  VDS

    QCTJack Lurker

      I am deploy VIO5.1 with VDS on vsphere 6.7u1 and follow administration guide to configuration SRIOV and  DirectPath I/O , i create instance with  vnic type "direct" of network port successful, but  vnic type "direct-physical" of network port fail, the error message show:


      Message :Exceeded maximum number of retries. Exhausted all hosts available for retrying build failures for instance b14080f3-be80-418f-b59b-abd71d9b8456.

      Code :500

      Details :File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nova/conductor/manager.py", line 583, in build_instances raise exception.MaxRetriesExceeded(reason=msg)


      Nova-compute log show:

      PCI device 004a-000:d8:00.1-000 not found: PciDeviceNotFoundBYId:PCI device 004a-000:d8:00.1-000 not found


      My NIC device id is 000:d8:00.1, but log show 004a-000:d8:00.1-000, any one knows how to solve this issues ?