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    Google Drive File Stream - Any idea where it keeps its login info / user ?

    Douglas42Adams Novice

      Hi All ,


      Happy Tuesday .


      Now that GDFS appears to work with the 2.16.1 agent hotfix .  We now have it loading and choosing a drive letter which is nice.


      I think i'm just having issues w/ what it probably the Easy Part - Saving the User Login data with UEM . ie when we reboot the instant clones GDFS continues to prompt for a use login and password .


      I didnt find much on my searches.


      We ran the App Profiler tool.. and all it came up with was :


      HKCU\Software\Google\   - which is a little broad.. and conflicts w/ Chrome's UEM Registry entry.


      We tried HKCU\Software\Google\DriveFS - that didnt work .


      I admit im rather new to Instant Clones - UEM and App volumes - however.. how does one even Find what entry / File Google is using ?.. Sysinternals Process explorer ? .


      We have a ticket in w/ the Google 'Collab' Team.. see if They know where their app is saving the info .  Creating a vmware ticket as well.


      Just curious if anyone has got this working.. and has the UEM data they could possible share.


      thanks much !