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    NSX-T 2.4 - BGP Redistribution Wrong

    Lalegre Enthusiast

      Hello folks i have a doubt on BGP Redistribution and maybe is a misunderstood, here is my scenario.


      I have a Tier-1 created with two logical swtiches attached to it and created two downlink ports to be GW of that networks.


      I have connected the Tier-1 to my Tier-0 and configured BGP redistribution on Tier-1 to only share the connected interfaces. And on my Tier-0 i created a criteria for distributing my T1-Connected.


      My issue here is that if i go into and edge and inside the VRF where the Tier-0-ServiceRouter is configure, i am also learning the "Intra Tier0 transit subnet" on BGP and this can be an issue publishing the services to my physical network:


      Is this a normal behaviour? Am i doing something wrong?