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    Why aren't v6.5 VMs showing up when running LACP?  Only the ESXi Host LAG connections do in Topology view.

    GWOD1 Novice


      I'm trying to set up LACP/LAG on v6.5, but obviously doing something wrong. This is the first time I've attempted using it.

      The Ethernet Switches have already been configured for it (BAGG on HP's side)

      See attached screen shots.

      As you can see, I currently have 3 VM's on this Cluster.  (I'm "migrating" from V4.1/V5.1 setups to new 6.5 Hardware.)

      I have one LAG, with two hosts/two uplink ports from each host.


      I'm used to seeing the VM's appear when I select topology in the other versions, but all I see are the Hosts LAG ports.

      Is this normal?


      Thanks in advance.