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    igbn driver issue on ESXi 6.7 Update1

    oneilv Enthusiast

      Hey guys,


      We've encountered some issues with the igbn driver (version 1.4.7) on Dell hosts running ESXi 6.7 Update1. This has been raised with the vendors and Dell and VMware have both come back advising that there might a known issue in this driver. One our customers hosts running this driver encountered a PSOD.


      Dell infact has reached out to their vendors (Intel) and they have confirmed that this impacting the Intel i350 cards. Both Vmware and Dell have advised to disable the igbn drivers and use the native igbo drivers.


      Has anyone else encountered similar issues wit this driver? If yes then has anyone disabled it to use the igbo drivers instead? Is it a stable workaround?


      Looking forward to some feedback on those who have switched over to the igb drivers.


      Cheers, Onil

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