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    Gateway in Network Settings of VCSA 6.7 U2 disappears every time

    Sven Vollmann Novice



      we are trying to install the new VCSA 6.7 U2 for our new ESX Servers. The installation process deploys the Appliance but at the step where the installer tries to verify the deployment we get an error. In the logfile stands "error: VAMI is NOT accessilbe[25]: https://vc.xxx.xxx-xxx.de:5480/". DNS is configured, it exists an forward and an reverse entry for the Appliance. Our Firewall Admins says that there is a connection timeout and the Appliance do not answer. So we looked in the Appliance Console itself and find out that the Gateway we configured in the GUI is not set. But now it comes, everytime we enter the gatway and save the config the gateway entry is empty again. directly after the saving process finished. what the hell ?!?!?

      has anyone an idea ?


      Best regards Sven