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    App Volumes Provisioning Machine

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      URL : http:////docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-App-Volumes/2.12.1/com.vmware.appvolumes.user.doc/GUID-3C9DAA91-F93C-45E5-A82F-583B54BF4C8A.html

      Topic Name : Introduction to VMware App Volumes

      Publication Name : VMware App Volumes User Guide

      Product/Version : VMware App Volumes/2.12.1

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      I’m using AV 2.14. Considering the AV Provisioning Machine should closely resemble the Master Image VM and if you have apps installed on the master you should install them on the Pro Machine, can I just clone the Master VM? I would think I could use the clone as the Provisioning Machine. Would this be a good idea? I’m also following the “Creating an optimized Windows image for a VMWare Horizon Virtual Desktop”