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    Vsan network adapter migration.

    Akide Novice

      The physical host in the vsan cluster has newly added a 10G network card. I want to migrate the vsan cluster from the 1G network card to the 10G network card. How do I operate it? (1G network card and 10G network card are not on the same physical switch, do not use the same network segment)

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          aNinjaneer Novice

          Are you using vDS or standard vSwitches? If you're not using vDS, you should consider it. They're much easier to manage. Your best bet is probably to create a new vDS with your 10GbE ports, and you can migrate the VMkernel adapters during the creation.

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            Ramanjaneya Reddy Novice
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            Hello Akide,


            If we are going to use a different network (IP segment), you can create a new vmkernel port for vSAN and get the vSAN traffic enabled. Make sure they will be able to ping between neighbor vSAN vmkernel with the new subnet with configured MTU.

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            Once the new vmkernel ports are enabled, you can verify the connectivity and start unchecking the vSAN traffic from the existing vmkernel ports used for vSAN. Go with only one host at a time and make sure you check the vSAN health every time you uncheck the network.


            Note: You may have to check the unicast entries for the neighbor hosts before unchecking the vSAN traffic on existing hosts.

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