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    Split single Vcenter into two Vcenters for SRM

    CIS_ORG Lurker

      We have a single Vcenter (6.7U2) that manages two clusters. One cluster is our primary datacenter (Cluster-A),  the other is for our Colocation (Cluster-B). We have a SRM license that was never implemented, but now we want to. As I understand it, SRM works between two Vcenters. If this is so, my thought is to stand up a second Vcenter/Cluster, and join the hosts from the original Vcenter (either Cluster-A or B) to this new Vcenter.


      My weak point is, do the datastore "connections" each host have migrate to the new Vcenter? I believe so, but others in my team have their doubts. I'm hoping one of you members may of "been there, done that", and can give me some feedback.