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    Vshpere Networking.

    skunniyur Lurker


      I have 2 win o/s running in the esxi host. I have 4 NIC cards on the server. I want to assign 1 nic to 1 O/S dedicately, as they will have different IP addresses. How do I do so?


      Win O/S 1 : 172.16.1.X     NIC 1

      Win O/S 2: 182.17.1.X     NIC 2


      If I use the same NIC with different IP's in the O/S will I see packet collision?


      Thanks in advance.

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          hussainbte Expert

          why you need to assign 2 IPs to one interface.. people only do that if there is only one nic card.


          With VMs, you can assign multiple virtual nics and put each in separate network as required.

          If you want to use dedicated physical adapter for VMs, you can configure each VM with a passthrough N/W card.

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            Assuming that the host's network adapters are connected to untagged physical ports (no VLAN's in place), you may create a separate vSwitch for each network/subnet, assign the appropriate vmnic to it, and attach the VM to a VM port group on that vSwitch.