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      • 15. Re: Does load the data into the DS3DB0 database need access to the Internet?
        mathieugont Novice

        Hi David


        Like you already know, I run the load procedure manually.

        It finally ends successfully after almost 4 days.


        The only think I cannot explain is why this procedure was not automatically launched after the provisioning (/ds3 was empty).


        Here my system:

        Server make/model (ESXi hosts)

        - Dual socket BDW E5-2699v4 servers

        - 780GB DRAM per server

        - 1x local ATA disk (1.8TB HDD) per server (Western Digital?), partition format GPT

        - ESXi-

        - Each server's HDD is a datastore based on VMFS-6.82

        - no vSan (i guess)

        - vSphere Client

        - All my clients are on a hardware server (ESXi001), except the tile and the prime clients hosted on another one (ESXi005).


        This thread is not my priority anymore, but if it can help the community, we can continue figuring out the why.

        The other one

        VMmark: staf returns RC = 17 (file-system problem)'

        is because I would like to run weathervane asap.

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