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    Rhino 6 legs when using Blast potocol

    dhickerson Lurker

      Using Horizon 7.7.0 (running 2 Horizon Viewcon servers.  1 services PCoIP clients, the other services Blast (ThinOS) clients.
      Nvidia Grid GPU (ESXi 6.7 Host driver: 418.66, VM Windows 10 driver: 425.31)

      Operating System on VM image: Windows 10 1809

      GPO for Blast is set to use the H.264 encoding.


      VM Pool is using a snapshot from a VM with the following hardware settings:

           CPU (2), Memory (10GB), Hard Disk 1 (150 GB), Network Adapter 1 (VMXNET 3, DirectPath I/O=inactive), PCI Device 0 (NVIDIA GRID vGPU, GPU Profile=grid_m10-1b), Video Card (Auto-detect Settings, 3D Graphics=Enabled, 3D Renderer=Automatic, 3D Memory=256MB)


      I have Rhino 6 installed on a Base image that a couple pools use.

      The PCoIP pool - Rhino 6 works just fine.

      The Blast pool - Rhino 6 the mouse itself moves faster than the curser.  If I move the mouse outside of Rhino and the mouse/curser works just fine.

      It seems to me that there is a hardware/graphics acceleration issue.


      If I look at the Task Manager/Performance in a pooled VM running either protocol, all resources are barely being used and working great.