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    Can't consolidate VM with 100 redo logs

    jonjoyceuk Lurker

      Hi there, we have a problem with a single VM after a Veeam backup.


      There are no 'stuck disk snapshots' on any of the Veeam VMs which is normally the nice easy fix for this problem.


      I have not powered off the VM to try and resolve yet but I was trying to avoid that.


      I have tried creating a manual snapshot of the VM and then using the "delete all" button. The VM still fails to consolidate with a "An error occurred while consolidating disks: 12 (Cannot allocate memory) error message.


      I have check on the host itself and can see the 100 delta files etc which are causing the problem.


      I have seen this article which says about moving the delta files when the VM is off: VMware Knowledge Base although I have not attempted that yet.


      What I wanted to try and do is a migration of the VM to another datastore and see if it leaves any 'orphaned' files behind - does that sound like something that'd work?


      If not, is there a way to manually consolidate just a few of the delta files at a time to avoid it running out of memory? I'm sure if I could just consolidate say from 100-80 and then 80-60 and so forth it would at least allow some breathing room for the command to run.


      One other thing to note is I've noticed there may be an ISO attached (but not connected) to the VM - does this affect anything? I can't get into the VM settings at the moment because VMware is currently removing a snapshot which normally takes around an hour to complete.


      Any advice would be much appreciated.

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          To find out what can be done, please provide the following information:

          • the ESXi version and build
          • free disk space on all datastores (i.e. the output of df -h from the command line. Please highlight the VM's datastore.)
          • a complete list of files in the VM's folder (run ls -elisa > filelist.txt and attach the filelist.txt to a reply post)