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    Best path to migrate vCenter, View Connection, View Composer, VMs for OS upgrade

    PonoFinlayson Lurker

      Hi all,


      I'm sure someone has had to do this before and could tell me the caveats when migrating a Horizon VDI environment to new VMs. This will include a SQL Server, View Composer, View Connection, and vCenter (not VCSA). I have read a few and one that I'm thinking about implementing goes in this order: SQL Databases, View Composer, View Connection (in replica mode to existing server), then vCenter.


      All hardware will be the same. At some point I'll need to disconnect from the existing vCenter and connect the hosts to the new vCenter server and that is essentially my question is when is the best point to make that switch? If the order mentioned is best then it's obviously at the end but is this truly the best order?


      I'm no expert and would appreciate any guidance from someone who has successfully done this.